On Site :


We let at your disposal several equipments avoiding you to carry your house over for you to have most comfortable stay possible. You can refer to the page Holiday & Stay in order to find the list of prestations included.



You can rely on our experience to help you organize and plan your stay with several services at your disposal : in-house Chef, catering service, cooking lessons, organization of sports and excursions activities. We regularly welcome groups of people for family stay or with a thematic : daily-cooking lessons, yoga classes, shooting photos, filming and so fourth..


Along with your stay, the Mas Loisobville is offering you some optional services. Cooking is one of these services, which would be realized by a third party Chef,  allowing you to focus on your stay only.


The Mas Loisonville has tied partnerships with several on Chef at your premises. Some of them are in neighborhood and some others are a little further nonetheless al of them thrive for cooking.


They cook the meals inside the Mas’ Kitchen according to your liking with a large choice of meals which are evolving according to the season and according to all situations.



We are able to fill the refrigerator on your behalf for your arrival, according to a budget and a precise list of the items and products you would like us to get for you.


We are placed around masseuses, hair cutters, beautician, make-up artists who can directly come over the Mas to serve your beauty desires et well-being.



If you happen to need transportation, a cab, we can make arrangements and recommend some local partners to drive you.



Whether you come to the Mas for family holidays or for a wedding, you would be able to have your children watched during all the event.